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Can I stay?

I highly recommend the knitting by the fire approach. That’s how I spent my bit of free time for the past few evenings, and I made great progress on the XXX I’m knitting for XXX, having gotten all the way to the XXX in that time! (No, you can’t see!)

As a break from the XXX, which is in a boring stage right now after some fun earlier, I also worked on the lace scarf. Just one repeat, but very satisfying. I picked up an Addi Natural bamboo circular needle to put it on for two reasons. One, airline travel. Knitting needles are technically allowed, but I’d always rather try to get bamboo than metal past security. Too many horror stories! The second reason? Morgan would complain when I bumped him with the needles while he was sitting on my lap and I was knitting. Cat happiness is paramount, after all.

The weather here is fine, but I appear to be flying right into a sleetstorm on my quest to get back home. This may not go well. My connection is in Detroit. Hey Mom??? Whatcha doing tonight? If I get stuck, can I stay at your house?

1 Comment on “Can I stay?”

  1. #1 Laura
    on Dec 14th, 2007 at 8:52 pm

    Hope your return trip was boring! Though if you did “get” to stay in Detroit, at least you could visit your mom.