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The wonderful and the ugly

The intersection between fiber arts and science (don’t forget the hovertext):


Also interesting: new research on the Bayeux Tapestry. I’d like to read the original, as I’m not certain how deciding that the work was made by professional embroiderers means that it wasn’t made by nuns, or at several locations.

[Doh! Added the link.] But here’s the ugly: a Telegraph article on that same research, offering up such gems as, “The tapestry is also revealed to be an embroidery, with the two require differing techniques,” and “technically an embroidery as it was woven.” Dude. If you’re getting paid to write about textiles, at least DO A LITTLE BIT OF RESEARCH.

Edit: The original document is Alex Makin’s PhD thesis for the University of Manchester, “Embroidery and its context in the British Isles during the early medieval period (AD 450 to 1100).” Which sounds wonderful, and worth reading. I hope it will be published.

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