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Posts from ‘June, 2011’


And it’s Thursday. So, combining the two, we get Scavenger Cake. No, wait. Photo Cake, that’s it! The photo challenge this week is by me, which made the following silliness possible. After last week’s theme set, Tamie took on the challenge of embodying the entire list in cake form. She bribed me into telling her […]

It’s not Thursday

Okay already! It’s not next Thursday yet, so all these photos I took last Thursday aren’t obsolete. Last week’s photo scavenger hunt topics were: Wood that’s been worked Fluorescence Clothes that clash Geometry Black & white Looks fast standing still I mentioned to Tamie as I was leaving work, and there was nothing for it […]

Important things

I ate the first raspberries today, three of them. There was another, but it would have required protective gear to reach, and I was in shorts. This is going to be a good year for raspberries. The fireflies are gearing up to their full show. I think I might have figured out how to photograph […]


For Eric: And anyone else who needs to hear it.

Work of hands, work of machines

These came across one of the kumihimo email lists. I think they make a lovely contrast in old and new technologies, and spur many thoughts on the means of production, the substitutability of skill and technology, and the importance of skill and craftsmanship that I’m just too busy to share with you right now. The […]

Book sale

I keep forgetting to post this… by which I mean I wasn’t going to tell you all until I’d ordered my own books! Interweave is having its annual Hurt Books and Overstocks sale right now. You want something, I’m sure of it.

Scavenger Hunt

Michelle has been putting together a Thursday Photo Challenge for the past few weeks: a list of things to hunt down and record. I found everything last week, but didn’t have a camera with me. That would make for a boring post, so I didn’t. (Except eating a pink flower and standing on a park […]

Failure to connect

I’ve been taking lots and lots of lovely photographs: the rhododendrons, the poppies, the lush roses, the first strawberry… but have not so far managed to get them and an internet connection at the same place when I have time to deal with them. So instead, you get a quickie post with some links. First […]

Sometimes the underdog wins

Or under-coyote. Thanks for the link, John.