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In the midst of chaos

Tomorrow is the last business day of the year for those who work for the US government. I’m not done with 2012 yet. I’ll be back in FY2013, with a bit more time for blogging and fiber arts. For a while anyway. I hope. Also with tales of Complex Weavers and other good things. Meanwhile… […]


I swear this is fiber (animal) related, but it sums up my day perfectly. Yes, both parts.

You are here

My iPad is full of pictures. I should blog that. Click. The blogpeople should see this. Click. I want to show that off. Click. You see how successful that’s been. I’m once again horribly swamped, and traveling a lot as well. I intend to tell you about all these adventures in more detail, but in […]

I got nothing

Except a post-Pennsic cold and a huge pile of laundry that smells of woodsmoke.


Having survived the six weeks of March, I’m now slowly digging out from everything else that accumulated while I was frantically writing things. Some of those things are very much worth sharing with all of you. Are you getting a tax refund? Let me help you spend it. These two new books look lovely. Textiles […]


My dyeing pictures from September are around here somewhere. Also the photos from Martha’s Vineyard, and of the central Pennsylvania October leaves. Let me distract you from their glaring absence with dairy products, and so much more:

Ice sculptures

On New Year’s Eve, I walk through the site of the State College festivities on my way to work and take pictures of the ice sculptures. Here’s 2007’s best photo: And my 2008 favorite: But here’s what the 2009 sculptures looked like this morning: They’ve changed the format, and instead of the sculptures being done […]

Amsterdam Extra

This is a very special extra just for Spacedlaw!

Monday cheer

Tamie pointed out that it has been in the high 80s for the past three days, so even if frost really did happen last week, it is no longer appropriate. Instead, here’s a quick bit of cheer for Monday morning. More actual content later today, if all goes as planned. (Yeah, I know…)