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By George

I think this is working again! I’ve been traveling a lot, and otherwise swamped, and hadn’t gotten back to fixing the last bits of site moving chaos. Okay, honestly, I hadn’t noticed the bit preventing me from logging in until I tried to wish the velocikittenraptors a happy third birthday. And then it took another […]


No really.

Ego surfing

I get Google alerts on my name and on “Phiala.” The latter turns up all sorts of random things. Today I am a bag: the Phiala satchel. How they chose that name I can’t begin to guess.


I still haven’t gotten LJXP working again, despite assorted upgrades, so I’m trying out JournalPress. ETA: No love there either. I get the same error from both plugins: “transport error – HTTP status code was not 200.”

And yet more…

Snowing steadily since this morning. Looks like maybe an inch and a half. I upgraded WordPress (using the Automatic Upgrade plugin – very slick), and thus broke most of my favorite widgets. Yes, I upgraded them. Still no joy.

Viking cake

The cake is fantastic. Pretty much everything else makes me cringe. That dress…

Happy Halloween!

My office is boring, but no more so than expected. I’m the only Halloween-inspired person in the building, with my Mistress of Skulls shirt and string of bone skull beads. I have a pumpkin on my desk, and Carrothulu is supervising. This weekend the pumpkin will become food, so no carving. In other random news, […]


The LJ Crosspost (ljxp) plugin works, more or less. I had to comment out line 527 of the PHP code, and I still get an error, but it does post both places. Happy now??? :)

Question for the textile types

What’s the first think you think of when you see this announcement? [ALERTS] Scheduled Fiber Work along Park Avenue

And a note on the blog changes

I added a tag cloud to the sidebar. What’s with all the “miscellaneous” posts? How dull! I should go back in time and write new and more entertaining tags, don’t you think?