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Holiday spirits

By which I mean I made rumballs for the first time this weekend. Whyever did I not make those before? Gingersnaps work beautifully for the base. Spicy boozy goodness! Terri Windling is doing a series on her blog on desks: artists, writers, famous, little-known–they’re all there, and it’s fascinating. I love Christmas music, but only […]

Something from the internet

Someday I will post my own stuff again… but meanwhile here’s something interesting. Silkworms engineered to produce spider silk If Spider-Man ever ran out of webs, he could now enlist an army of silkworms to spin extra high-tensile spider silk. Scientists have created a genetically modified silkworm that spins a new kind of silk: a […]


Busy, obviously. Work, and other work, and other other work. And I fried the power cord for my netbook. I’m not computerless, but not having the tiny portable thing cuts down on spontaneous blogging. But I’ve been saving things for you. My Little Cthulhu, by artist Spippo. And in the string world, you should definitely […]

Sour Apple Flavored Calamari Treats*

A few brief things, before I forget about them: The call for papers for Textilforum 2010 is now available. Workshop proposals are due by 15 April; the deadline for regular presentations is 2 May. A friend sent me a link for high-resolution tapestry weaving with images by various artists. The technology involved is quite impressive. […]

Well then

Somehow the three-day weekend has completely gotten away from me. Here it is, Sunday afternoon, and all the things I was going to do are undone. I read a novel, and played games on the computer, and watched Criminal Minds, and chatted with friends and enjoyed Irish music. I guess that’s what people do on […]

Calling all sheep!

Sheep sculptures made from rotary telephones by artist Jean-Luc Cornec. More.

Costume Party

Nobody came as a Viking Princess, and I’m very grateful. The cat costumes were the best – don’t they look realistic? The humans had some fun too. More photos, but I’m afraid the only shot of me is a really awful computer pic from before we left.

Weaving and wool

Feeling left out because Ravelry is for knitters (even though there are weavers there – the first thing I did was set up a tablet weaving forum)? Not interested in recording your needle sizes? Try Weavolution. Looms, drafts, sett, but also the old standbys of projects and forums. Give it a whirl – I’d love […]

Two opportunities

The announcement for the European Textile Forum (or Textilforum) has been circulating on various relevant email lists. It will take place in the Openlucht-Museum Eindhoven, 8th to 13th September 2009. The call for papers is open until 25th of May. Katrin Kania writes, in the email announcement: We’re having a textile event in Eindhoven in […]

Medieval Housewife

The nearby town of Huntingdon holds a Mayfest every year, on the last weekend of April. They have a time-travelling sort of theme, with Renaissance, Rev and Civil wars, and more modern eras of US history. This year the local SCA group provided a bit of historical flavor for the Renaissance section (though we did […]