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Posts from ‘July, 2014’

Moving right along

The Archaeological Textiles group has the rudiments of a website now. If you are interested, please head over there to get information on how to sign up for the email list. While some parts of the study group will be restricted to Complex Weavers members, the email list is open to all. Our first plans […]


I had fully intended to take good pictures of the new resident of my household, but Cawti nosebumping and marking the iron chicken was far too cute to ignore no matter HOW bad the lighting was. No, I am not entirely certain why the chicken was in the bedroom. Honest. Miss Chicken needs a name. […]

Archaeological Textiles

Laura Thode and I are proposing a new study group on archaeological textiles for Complex Weavers. And when I say “Laura and I,” I mean that she has done all of the work. The announcement appears in the current CW newsletter. The medieval textiles study group has been defunct for many years now, and we’d […]