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Posts from ‘June, 2012’

Truly ferocious

This is a much happier story. We also took Morgan the Ferocious Monster to the vet last week. He’s also quite ancient, well over seventeen. About a year ago he developed some digestive problems, so I switched his food and completely quit feeding him any human food whatsoever. Morgan was happy with half of that […]

Someplace else to be

I’ll start with the punchline, so you’re not lulled into thinking this is a happy post. Nick and I took Grendel to the vet this morning and had him put to sleep. Renal failure, finally, but he’s been steadily getting more elderly (and not just older): failing hips, heart murmur. The walks have been getting […]

What goes in my weaving class?

I mentioned on a tablet weaving mailing list that I was teaching a five-day tablet weaving and sprang class. One of the readers asked what on earth goes into a five-day class, so I thought I’d post my outline. This could be a two-day class with experienced and knowledgeable participants, or a full five-day class […]

Bad influence

The Interweave Hurt Book Sale is going on right now, but not for much longer.

Into the mail

Last week’s dyebath: dry and wound onto bobbins. The silk now goes off into the world, some here and some there, to be made into who-knows-what. (If you know, I’d love to see pictures.)

So cute

You all realize you’re in for a seemingly-endless stream of garden photos, right? There’s also string: the gallery show at Peters Valley Craft Center is available online (and catalog). There’s still time to sign up for my class, too.

As high as an elephant’s eye

This is not safe for work, nor is it the John Hiatt song I’d intended to post. But. Well. Sometimes these things just happen.

Things I did not need to experience

Exploding lightbulbs. In the bathroom. At 2 am. Or any time, really. The cat and I are unscathed; the light fixture funneled nearly all of the shards into the sink. We were both rather startled, but Morgan recovered himself by eating kibble while I cleaned up. Apparently I recover myself by telling you all about […]


I finished mulching around the raised beds today. Things are coming up: tiny cotyledons of lettuce and herbs, and robust paired bean cotyledons. The rhubarb is getting over its transplant shock and sending up new leaves, and there are green strawberries and green tomatoes and itty bitty peppers. Photography called on account of rain, though. […]