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Posts from ‘January, 2012’

A brief but shiny digression

Michelle says that she likes photographing reflections in windows. Me too! I was going to leave her a comment, but decided to share it with all of you. It looks like most of my library of weird city photos are not on Flickr, but here are a couple: We now return you to your regularly […]

From silk to ships

All kinds of things going on around here. But those will have to wait a bit: today is for weblink catch-up. Silk science is hot. Recent news releases include transgenic silkworms that spin spider silk, and using silk as a framework for growing new heart cells. Chris Petty is doing a PhD dissertation on warp-weighted […]

Well then

That was helpful, not that I give myself any credit for it. Although it’s likely that some of the five hundred or so people who visited one of my sites yesterday didn’t know much about SOPA/PIPA, and maybe they clicked on the EFF link and learned something. But you know industry’s concerns about the internet […]

Don’t be alarmed

If this site, in its entirety, is down tomorrow. SOPA and PIPA are utterly appalling pieces of potential US legislation, and would likely destroy the internet as a community. Not that I expect my tiny participation in tomorrow’s blackout campaign to have any effect, but I want to add my support. The internet has been […]

As for gases

Administrative tasks expand to fill the available space. Despite the long weekend, I’ve neither written nor woven. Many other things are done, though, or at least well-begun. [Oh look… the upgrade mucked up the categories. Hm. Will fix that at some point, I suppose.] I thought you all might like this article on crocheted clouds. […]

Baby it’s cold outside

So I spent the afternoon working on the website. Nothing should have changed from the outside, but the serverguts are all pretty and shiny and clean: updated, backed up, tweaked and twiddled. I don’t think I broke anything, but I trust you to let me know if I did. The main part of this side […]


It’s Elvis Presley’s birthday, and R.L. Stein’s. Stephen Hawking turns a rather remarkable 70. David Bowie turns 65.

Thread art

While collecting links for the paper art post, I ran across Debbie Smyth’s thread art. Not the 1970s geometrics, but something entirely different.

Paper art

My mother sent me some information about paper artist Calvin Nicholls. His sculptures are too lovely not to share. These sculptures are constructed from carefully cut, shredded, folded and glued paper. Aren’t they amazing? And prints are quite reasonably priced.

Welcome to 2012

I’ve spent the day organizing things both physical and virtual, in support of my goal for the year: read good things, write good things, make good things. The bread’s in the oven, the soup’s on the stove, a dyepot is simmering, and I have a moment to blog before they all need attention. Nick and […]