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Digging out: a new perspective

We had July weather in March, but April 23rd looks like this. This is a problem. Flowers are blooming. And the trees are in full leaf. Some places got a lot more snow, and associated power outages. We haven’t had a big snowstorm since October. When, yes, the leaves were on the trees. I got […]

Digging out

I’m slowly getting through all the stuff that accumulated over the last six weeks. The piles of paper are diminishing, all the immediate crises have been averted, I’ve made a small clean spot in the office and uncovered half the desk! (The other half has novel manuscript pages on it, and is exempt from regular […]


Having survived the six weeks of March, I’m now slowly digging out from everything else that accumulated while I was frantically writing things. Some of those things are very much worth sharing with all of you. Are you getting a tax refund? Let me help you spend it. These two new books look lovely. Textiles […]

March flowers

March didn’t kill me, I’m pleased to report. Not that it didn’t try rather hard, and I’m not out of the crunch yet, but the biggest and most important things are well in hand. I think. Though I’m pretty sure that mowing the lawn, as I did Friday, wasn’t on the schedule for another few […]

Teaching dates

Got some time this summer? Want to play with string? Have I got things for you! Registration is now open for Peters Valley Craft Center’s summer workshops. I asked if I could come back outside of hurricane season, so I could experience the joys of having power and running water. I’m teaching a combined tablet […]

Something to ponder

A quote from this NPR interview with musician Laura Gibson caught my attention last weekend. About 5 minutes in, she says: … erring on the side of confidence. I wanted to look back and see any failures that I made were failures of risk rather than failures of timidity. There’s a lot packed into that: […]


The snowdrops are nearly done blooming. The daffodils have been up for about a week. The crocuses are coming up. I haven’t seen the Siberian iris yet, but I expect it any minute. This caught my eye as I left the house this morning. Then I looked closer, and ran inside to find my DSLR, […]

Everything you suspected

Everything you suspected about what government employees do on those pesky federal holidays is true. We laze around in our jammies, performing unnatural acts. See?

Highly relevant information

Between the post office, national research programs, the quirks of training robots, and an outbreak of zombies, I’m still swamped. But I still save you goodies, just so you know I haven’t forgotten you. Thematic but medieval cartoons. This was yesterday. That’s a warm, early bed, but yesterday was February 13. A list of obsolete […]


So here’s a distraction.