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Posts from ‘March, 2011’

Eat all the colors

This makes me happy. All of these photos make me happy, or I wouldn’t post them, but that one is particularly cheering. It was very cold today, but sunny, so I got to do a bit of plant photography while participating in the daily dog excursion. The new macro lens is rather macroy, isn’t it? […]

Up close and personal

I put my holiday gift certificates toward a macro lens for my DSLR, specifically for the purpose of photographing flowers. And string, but did I really need to even say that? And here it is spring already, and there are beginning to be flowers, so I finally ordered it, and it arrived yesterday. In the […]

It’s really here

Not only is spring official in the northern hemisphere, it’s apparent in my yard. Suddenly everything is doing its thing. The snowdrops are in full swing. The tulips shot up while I wasn’t looking, and so did the daffodils. Given a year to get established, the Dutch tulips are up much earlier than they were […]

Concentrated cuteness

I recently acquired a new scanner and embarked on digitizing the box of photos from the archaic days of film cameras. By coincidence the baby Grendel photos were at the top of the stack, and what better entertainment for a Friday afternoon? My pooch is the one on the left, with his eyes open (puppy […]


A couple odds and ends: baby squid and monster squid. They’re string-related, I swear! In a triumph of science, feeding silkworms to make them spin colored silk! I skimmed the original journal article too. The scientists fed the silkworms dye mixed with mulberry powder, and when the right chemical type of dye is used it […]

Watching it melt

Or not. It was into the 40s today, but we’re supposed to get more snow this week. Also sleet, slush, and rain. Where’d I put my galoshes? The tree is looking a bit better, but it’s lost at least one of the trunks. I’m seeing a few other signs of spring, though, and hearing them […]


Saturday was incredibly warm, if a bit damp. We opened all the windows, let winter blow away. I found the first tiny crocus sprout, and the snowdrops have buds on them. I think that might be the earliest I’ve spotted crocuses. We did the shopping, and I spent the rest of the day reading, writing, […]

Tablet weaving looms

All you need for tablet weaving is something to tie both ends of the warp to. A pair of chairs will do it, or anything you can put some tension on. But there are so many other options out there. How to choose? A lot of the decision comes down to personal preference, which means […]

Jumble sale

It’s 55 out and I have a horrid case of spring fever, the kind where you want to start everything, finish nothing, or maybe just run away from home. I’m trying to put that energy to use, and am cleaning things up. That includes my web browser, so you get a link post today. Whee! […]

February, the new March

This was supposed to be posted in February. But I was sick, and then there were the taxes… I had a three-day weekend in there somewhere, but I spent the entire time redoing my accounting system for Stringpage Supplies, which was exactly as much fun as it sounds. It simplified doing taxes tremendously, and now […]