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Posts from ‘May, 2009’

In the garden

The weather continues to be odd. Frost last night, 80F today. I want to plant tomatoes and other veggies this weekend. but not unless I think the frost is over. Frankly, I’m not yet convinced. It seems like all my free time has been spent cutting grass and trying to keep ahead of the Dandelion […]

Two opportunities

The announcement for the European Textile Forum (or Textilforum) has been circulating on various relevant email lists. It will take place in the Openlucht-Museum Eindhoven, 8th to 13th September 2009. The call for papers is open until 25th of May. Katrin Kania writes, in the email announcement: We’re having a textile event in Eindhoven in […]


I walk to work most days, unless the weather is really extreme. Earlier this week it took longer to get there than usual, as I had to, well, make way. Penn State has several resident mallard pairs. Momma had her brand new babies out for a stroll. One mallard mom wasn’t so lucky in her […]

Who wants mittens?

Not me. Thanks, Natalie. P.S. If anyone read the previous post earlier, the Grendel pic wasn’t working. I fixed it, so if you like pooches you might want to go back one. Obviously, the order should be coffee, then blog.

More medieval housewife

Since I didn’t get any pictures of myself at the demo, I made sure to get a few this past weekend. I’m about to lose my veil! I think this may be the best photo of Grendel I’ve ever taken. I didn’t get it in time for last weekend’s trip, as the car place decided […]

Reading knitters

Here’s another catch-up post… A knitting groups meets every other week at the State College public library. (Every other Monday from 6:30-8:30pm; check the calendar for exact weeks, and do come!) Beginners are welcome, and attendees knit or crochet, or once in a while other fiber arts. While I’m thinking of it, on July 13 […]

Continuing last weekend

Today is chill and raining, but I have photos from last weekend for you. Only a week behind – pretty good, given my recent track record. Not that you would know, dear reader, because you can’t see the half-written posts with photos from months ago that I still intend to finish… Complete with eastern tent […]

Burning things

As a brief return to Friday photos, and continuing a conversation from elsewhere, let me present: Big Huge Enormous Fires!!! Before anyone gets worried, these are from a controlled burn done for research purposes in spring 2005. We filled out enormous piles of paperwork, had all necessary permissions, and had assorted firefighters and equipment there. […]