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Friday photos

No, I’m nowhere near the computer. Right about now I should be buying twenty pounds of chicken, thirty-five pounds of beef, and forty loaves of bread. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve something to enjoy while I’m busy. These are two of Tamie’s office plants. Mine is getting ready, but the buds aren’t open […]


All of the paperwork side of the textile symposium is taken care of – class scheduling, program book, the various signs and forms and sheets that need to be prepared. Now there’s just the cooking for 100 for the weekend part… the dishes that have been in storage have been washed, the bread ordered, the […]


Today is a day to remember those who fought for their country, and to thank those who can still hear it. It’s also a day to celebrate one individual from that group. Today is my grandfather’s 91st birthday. John J. Goslee fought in World War II – stationed in China. Came home, raised three kids, […]

Calling all sheep!

Sheep sculptures made from rotary telephones by artist Jean-Luc Cornec. More.

Do not open until spring

The weather has been just gorgeous here, sunny and close to 70 for the past couple of days. I spent yesterday afternoon outside, and finally got my new tulips planted. I visited a flower market in Amsterdam, and was astounded by the variety and abundance. Truly, I was astounded by the plants everywhere, from parks […]

Fall Friday Photos

November? You don’t say? These months, they seem to be sneaking up on me. Even the vegetation is confused, after that snow. My poor forsythia is changing colors, dropping its leaves, and blooming all at once. My trees are all winter-bare, but a last few are holding onto their leaves. Not for long, though. I’m […]

Complex Weavers

The latest Complex Weavers Journal was in my mail yesterday, complete with the program and registration for the 2010 seminar, with my name in it! This is very exciting – I’ve been teaching for a long time, but this is my first time as instructor at a national conference. You should all come! The seminar […]

Costume Party

Nobody came as a Viking Princess, and I’m very grateful. The cat costumes were the best – don’t they look realistic? The humans had some fun too. More photos, but I’m afraid the only shot of me is a really awful computer pic from before we left.

Bookshelf Annoyance

Trying to switch from the no-longer-functional Amazon plugin to an automatic book plugin that works. I can’t get the plugin working in the sidebar, so I’m testing it in the main article. ETA: Yup, works. Now about this sidebar… Edit 2: Having spent a ridiculously long time fussing with the plugin to no avail, I’ve […]

Viking princess

Apparently I’ve been doing it wrong. Though of course I’m not a Princess, so maybe it’s just a rank thing? You must go to the original site and look at the closeups. Her headgear is particularly nice.