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Posts from ‘May, 2008’

Socks and science

But not, I’m afraid, the science of socks. I have finally finished something. Hooray. These are from sock yarn I dyed – important to make a trial pair up so I can show what they look like. The ankle and top of the foot are in a k2-p2 ribbing that’s staggered one stitch with every […]

Excuse me?

It isn’t a clear photo, but take a look at this black car. That’s roughly an inch of snow on top of it. Let me remind you, in case you are not paying attention, that today is the twelfth of May, which is supposed to be firmly spring in this part of the northern hemisphere. […]

Further adventures in the dye studio

Remember last summer’s evil gypsy moths? They hatched last week, and I was bombarded with (non-wool-eating but nonetheless horrible) baby caterpillars while I was working in the dye studio. Tiny, but voracious. They will be growing rapidly, and eating everything they can get their little mandibles on, most especially oak trees. They aren’t as fond […]

Special bonus issue

As a Blogday Bonus, I give you yarn pron, sock yarn so fresh it isn’t even dry yet. (Though I certainly hope it’s dry by now, it wasn’t on Sunday when I took these pics.) All sock yarn, and the product of the first dye-studio binge of spring. (And I’m now completely out of sock […]

Happy Blogday!

First we had Houseday, and now it’s Blogday! (Why yes, it is all about me, thank you for noticing!) One year ago today was the first post on String Notes (although of course the whole stringpage site has been around for a while). Like many beginning bloggers, I wasn’t sure if I would stick with […]