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Posts from ‘June, 2007’

Things to dye

Of course if I want to dye things, I need not only dye, but stuff to put in it, right? Never mind the closet full of wool, or the totes full of yarn… new acquisitions are obviously required. Enter Paradise Fibers, handy source of all things woolly. I’d never purchased from them before, but after […]


Nick had a friend visiting this weekend. Their grand plan was to go to a gun & knife show on Saturday, all day. (Nick makes knives, you see.) My reward – having the house to myself for a day! My plan: to clean the house first, so that I could enjoy the rest of the […]

Friday Photos

I take zillions of photos at work for various work-related purposes. (No really, it doesn’t have anything to do with my enjoyment of photography.) If you take enough pictures, some of them will turn out very nice. That’s the advantage of a digital camera – I don’t have to pay anything extra for the few […]

Those mittens…

… sat for many days, lacking only half a thumb. Really. 40 minutes of work if I watched TV while I did it, and yet… no thumb. Now, this isn’t an urgent project since I won’t be able to wear them until January without my fingers melting off, but still… half a thumb? So last […]

Pretty colors

So I want to do some dyeing… I have some Procion MX dyes for cellulosic fibers, and a small stash of natural dyes, and I’ve even done some koolaid dyeing, but I want to do something different. The best dyes for wool are the acid dyes (not as scary as they sound, since the acid […]

Flowers of June

Everything continues to grow, both good and bad. The weeds in the back flowerbed have completely gotten away from me. Bluegrass flowers are attractive, right? Albrecht Durer certainly thought so. The azaleas are about done, and the first tree peony has finished blooming. There’s another to come, but they seem to be on different schedules. […]