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Working on New Year’s Eve? All by yourself in the office? Here are some things that might keep you from getting too bored. The UK has put images of all publicly-owned paintings online, all 212,000 of them. Here’s the search. How Grendel Stole Christmas. Evidence for Viking-era hemp in Norway. A spindle typology, with pictures. […]

Live from the Pink Shamrock

This is very important. Please pay careful attention. This is not my cat. Neither of these are my cat. This is my cat, the one and only Ferocious Monster. Are we clear now? The ones in Pittsburgh are not Morgan. The one in Toronto is not Morgan. The one in Chicago is not Morgan, nor […]

Puzzle [solved already]

Regular readers know that I occasionally post a puzzle. People email me with photos of odd things, and I ask the textile HiveMind for help (and if you have a puzzler, please send it!). [This one was solved before I even got to post it, since I happened to mention this item to a friend […]

The odder side of fiber animals

It has been a long and insane week at work (crisis appears to have been averted, at least) and rather than the stuff I’d intended to post this week, you get video entertainment. I have bags and bags of dog fur saved up to spin. I’m just not going to shave Morgan though. If you […]


I was over at a friend’s house last night, for food and drink and conversation. I always take a project since I get fidgetty without something to occupy my hands. Last night it was spinning, since I still hadn’t done anything with the spindle I brought back from the Netherlands. I didn’t take enough wool […]

It’s a…

…sheep? …pig? …woolpig! Sheep-pig! Something! I thought it was a Photoshop exercise at first, but the Mangalitsa is a heritage breed of pig developed in Hungary in the 19th century. The breed is a “lard pig” developed for high fat content and prized for sausage. No word on whether the wool is spinnable. Bonus: dog […]


My dog is dual-coated! (Click for bigger.) See the tog and thel? Okay, not really, exactly, quite. But it’s a neat photo. In other news, Ernest Shackleton’s whiskey has been recovered from the Antarctic. Apparently some of the bottles are still intact. In other other news, it’s snowing.

Who wants mittens?

Not me. Thanks, Natalie. P.S. If anyone read the previous post earlier, the Grendel pic wasn’t working. I fixed it, so if you like pooches you might want to go back one. Obviously, the order should be coffee, then blog.

Extreme Fiber Arts

It all began with a bet, of course: “Sir John Throckmorton laid a of a thousand guineas that at eight o’clock in the evening of June the 25th, 1811, he would sit down to dinner in a well-woven, properly-made coat, the wool of which formed the fleeces of sheeps’ backs at five o’clock that same […]

A distraction

I am buried in a pile of unfinished manuscripts, unsorted photographs, random links to be posted, incomplete blog posts, and skeins of yarn to be wound. To distract you from the chaos lurking behind the WordPress facade: enjoy!