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A week ago I saw the first tiny snowdrop shoot. Hooray! By Saturday afternoon, it had many companions. The little green shoots continued to emerge, but it was a bit hard to tell in Wednesday’s sleet. And this morning? They’re under there somewhere. I hope.

Friday the thirteenth

I’m confused. Wednesday: record-breaking 64F temperatures. Thursday: 50 mile an hour winds. Friday: snow. But I saw the first tiny snowdrop shoot this morning, so perhaps it will settle down into spring sooner rather than later. The peanut gallery has been clamoring for a return of Friday photos. A quick dig in the archives found […]

Good morning

Nothing new on the string front I’m afraid – too much working for a living. This sunrise is from yesterday morning while heading to work. I didn’t even have time to post a photo! I did want to call your attention to some unintended consequences of recent consumer safety legislation – banning books. Sort of. […]

Best of Storm

The storm was a dud for all purposes except photography. It never got cold enough for ice to accumulate, except in patches. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Trees and other exposed surfaces were well-coated. The holly was good, but I particularly like this tree catching the light from a sign. (Gets bigger if you […]

Must be Friday

But at least I made it to work, right?


In the interest of catching up on some back files (and in the interest of not having to actually think of anything to write today), here are some of this spring’s flowers. (How behind am I, you might ask? Well, none of these are still blooming.)

Rainy Friday Photos

Today is wet and chilly, so to brighten things up I have a couple of photos from earlier this week. Definitely not gray and glum! In keeping with this month’s theme of special days, let’s all wish Nick a happy birthday! His present? A trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art to see the Austrian […]


Astronomy is right

Apparently it really is spring now. It was sunny this morning, so I went to check on the cute little crocus. It has many friends now. On my way to the crocus patch, this was the first thing I saw. I had to hunt a bit for its likely companion in the front bed – […]

Friday photo

I was saving this one for autumn, then forgot about it. We’re now past this seasonal stage, and well into snow. I hope you enjoy it anyway – this is one of my favorites. As a special bonus, I’ll also continue the “socks at work” series. These are my first socks, nice toasty wool-blend, and […]