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Costume Party

Nobody came as a Viking Princess, and I’m very grateful. The cat costumes were the best – don’t they look realistic? The humans had some fun too. More photos, but I’m afraid the only shot of me is a really awful computer pic from before we left.

Prettiest spot in town

The sun’s angle changes over the course of the year, as does its time of rising. This time of year, the angle and timing are such that it shines up a hill that I climb on my way to work in the morning. This hill. The sun peeks over the horizon, and the first thing […]

Amsterdam, Part II

And the second half of the Amsterdam highlight photos. See you tomorrow/next year!

Amsterdam Extra

This is a very special extra just for Spacedlaw!

Amsterdam, Part I

This happens every year: end-of-year hell. Last year the powers that be moved the end of the year from, well, the end of the year to the end of the fiscal year, which is different. I like this system better, since now crunch time doesn’t come during the holidays, but it’s still crunchy. You mean […]

Friday photo-essay

I’m leaving for Amsterdam oh-so-early tomorrow morning. I’ve got my passport, plane tix and credit card – what more could a girl want? I’ve been trying to get a head start on the jet lag problem by getting up earlier and earlier. This hasn’t worked so well, since other obligations have prevented me from going […]

Friday photos

In the spirit of the Friday photo post, here are a few images from the past week or so. First, the obligatory Pennsic shots… … followed by the post-Pennsic cleanup, or obstruction thereof. (Yes, that’s the ferocious monster himself, still at number one!) Far from having time to recover and unpack, I dove right back […]

Poppet goes hiking

Let me distract you with poppet photos. Um, from May. Have I mentioned that I’m behind on blogging? I have some photos from March to post too. Look! Over there! Shiny! Poppet forest. Poppet finds a monster. No poppet in this one. More.

String Adventures

The Schlow Library demo was Monday evening. This year’s adult summer reading program theme is “Get creative at your library”, and Linda has been scheduling artists to give talks. I was listed as talking about the sheep-to-sweater process, but I thought there might be something more exciting than talking about spinning and knitting to a […]

More medieval housewife

Since I didn’t get any pictures of myself at the demo, I made sure to get a few this past weekend. I’m about to lose my veil! I think this may be the best photo of Grendel I’ve ever taken. I didn’t get it in time for last weekend’s trip, as the car place decided […]