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Further Refinement

Yesterday’s googlefight prompted a comment from Michael. He pointed out that I missed “cardweaving”, which could upset the match. So I ran a new fight: tabletweaving: 5240 cardweaving: 3280 added to yesterday’s scores: “tablet weaving” 4920 “card weaving” 2830 with final results of: T 10160 C 6110 leaving “tablet” firmly in the lead. Whew!

Because I was curious

Googlefight: tablet weaving: 4920 card weaving: 2830 And…. tablet weaving wins, 2 to 1. Edit: LJ broke my post, even though it worked fine in WordPress, so I changed the googlefight link to the home page. You’ll have to type in “tablet weaving” and “card weaving” yourself if you want to duplicate my results.

Tablet weaving class

A bit of advertising: There are still a few seats left at the weekend tablet weaving workshop hosted by the Butler County Spinners and Weavers Guild, March 21-22. I’ll be teaching a day of general tablet weaving – equipment, setup, following patterns, drafting simple patterns – with an emphasis on understanding how it all works. […]


I’ve put together a reasonable selection of supplies for beginner, intermediate and advanced card/tablet weavers, braiders, etc. Cotton, linen silk; cards; and so on – enough to keep a band-weaver happy for a very long time. Most band weavers, that is. I realized recently that I do not have any stock suitable for the insane […]