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Friday photos

In the spirit of the Friday photo post, here are a few images from the past week or so. First, the obligatory Pennsic shots… … followed by the post-Pennsic cleanup, or obstruction thereof. (Yes, that’s the ferocious monster himself, still at number one!) Far from having time to recover and unpack, I dove right back […]

Minnesota adventures

I’m having a bit of trouble with the photo card reader. Nothing that will result in losing precious images, but enough to make blogging annoying. I did get a few though, enough to give you all a feel for my brief vacation. Friends. The Famous Exploding Knife, annotated edition. My new buddy, Cabal the Wonder […]

More medieval housewife

Since I didn’t get any pictures of myself at the demo, I made sure to get a few this past weekend. I’m about to lose my veil! I think this may be the best photo of Grendel I’ve ever taken. I didn’t get it in time for last weekend’s trip, as the car place decided […]

Photo post

Yes, I do have a new camera. I have a shiny new Sony alpha 300 digital SLR, courtesy of the Circuit City going-out-of-business sale. Their prices are still lousy on most of the things I want (10% off a 20%-too-high price is uninteresting), but the cameras were 30% off, and that beat what I could […]

String and random filler

I have been busily working (Self-generating SQL code! Use 7 lines of code to write 1200 all by itself, and let it run for an hour or so. Oh the excitement! See why I don’t talk about work much here???), and also doing things with string. Things like coloring it and winding from big cones […]


Cleaning off my camera. I must point out that this: really does look like that:


You know the weather has turned when faceless-cat appears. Noses must be protected, you know. I made some stitch markers the other evening. One set is for me, the others are gifts (for knitters who do not read my blog). They are artfully posed on the second sleeve of my cardigan. I still don’t expect […]

A year and a day

How the furry boys spent the holiday: Much like they spend every other day, really. (The photos are a bit fuzzy – flash might have disturbed the napping.) How I spent the day: Stringpage Supplies has been a going business for a year and a day, having started up on 1 September 2007 (legally, though […]

The law of diminishing returns

After six proposals, the quality of the reviews tends to decline sharply. So the Internet ban is rescinded for the rest of the evening. It will return tomorrow though – there are still five to go. Here, as a diversion: Grendel when we got him as a “tiny” puppy. Grendel after he learned that going […]

Head, meet desk

Busily working through my negative exponentials, looking at the pretty brightly colored graphs (I think my favorite part of science might just be the pretty pictures), I started assembling conclusions for the paper I’m writing. But wait… these numbers just won’t do. I skipped a step way back at the beginning, and now must start […]