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Half a virtual tour

Tonight was spent messing around in the studio, trying to get class prep finished for some of the things I’m doing this month. Last weekend was my only free weekend this month. This weekend: teaching on Saturday in Poughkeepsie, NY. Next weekend, Butler County Spinners and Weavers Guild, and the following week I’m judging an […]

A distraction

I am buried in a pile of unfinished manuscripts, unsorted photographs, random links to be posted, incomplete blog posts, and skeins of yarn to be wound. To distract you from the chaos lurking behind the WordPress facade: enjoy!

Hello World!

Work: nuts. Deadlines: don’t ask. Internet time: Devoted to the kinds of time-consuming upgrades and fixes that the outside world will never see. And twitter. Evil, evil twitter. I snuck in a mention earlier, but if you missed it, I have a new website. My original plan for this blog was primarily string and medieval […]

Studio Day

Saturday morning when I let the dog out it was -15F outside my front door. That sort of weather makes me want to huddle under mounds of blankets, and knit warm cozy things from wool. And that’s just what I’ve been doing. I started a couple of blog articles, but haven’t gotten them finished. I […]

Further adventures in organization

I have this foolish idea that my office/studio at home should be somewhere that I could actually, well, work, not just store piles of stuff. That’s crazy talk, I know, but I keep trying. Most recently, I cleaned the desk. I put away or otherwise disposed of all the clutter that had accumulated, leaving only […]

Widespread East Coast Mess

There’s a crow outside my window. Is that a good or bad omen, do you suppose? I have the usual list of excuses: Travelling upsets my routine and it takes a while to get back into blogging. I’m busy at work. All of my extra energy is going into other projects. The days have been […]


Baking and the associated dishwashing were not my only activities today. There was quite a lot of coffee-drinking and snow-watching as well, seasoned by a large dose of A few more active endeavors: I can easily get to my bookshelf for the first time in the past year. Business stuff in big plastic bins […]


I had yesterday off for Veteran’s Day; thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to live in a country that has days off! It was also my grandfather’s 90th birthday (and he is a WWII veteran, so a double holiday for him). I found the perfect card within 30 seconds of walking […]

Head, meet desk

Busily working through my negative exponentials, looking at the pretty brightly colored graphs (I think my favorite part of science might just be the pretty pictures), I started assembling conclusions for the paper I’m writing. But wait… these numbers just won’t do. I skipped a step way back at the beginning, and now must start […]

One more thing

This article on art and productivity (and knitting!) would be a perfect lead-in to something I’ve planned, if only I were productive enough to have written it already.