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Mitts and artichokes

The extreme cold snap has inspired me to spend a lot of time checking the pipes to make sure they aren’t frozen. Only one tiny problem with the pipes – the not-so-brilliant renovators ran the cold water line to the kitchen right next to the dryer vent outlet. If it gets too cold I need […]


The upload is now working, so I can share with you the current state of the interminable stripy socks. Finished. Both of them. That was my Christmas activity while spending time with family, and I grafted the toes on the 26th. (I managed to graft one of them purlwise – don’t tell anyone, okay?) And […]


You know the weather has turned when faceless-cat appears. Noses must be protected, you know. I made some stitch markers the other evening. One set is for me, the others are gifts (for knitters who do not read my blog). They are artfully posed on the second sleeve of my cardigan. I still don’t expect […]

Signs of autumn

Boy do I feel stupid. On Friday I started this post, writing about how you know that spring is coming when the daffodils poke up, and the birds start to sing, and that you know it’s autumn when the wool starts to appear. I had wool socks on for the first time in months, on […]

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

Oh yeah… writing this, then letting it sit in my files until mid-June would not be helpful, so I should actually post it. Worldwide Knit in Public Day is Saturday June 14 this year. Go somewhere and knit! Demonstrate to the world that knitters are everywhere, and in all ages and genders and attitudes. For […]

Desert Sheepies

I did all sorts of things this weekend. Some, like repairing the screen door or cleaning the kitchen cupboards, just aren’t that interesting to blog about, so I’ll just skip to the good stuff. Several days of sun were predicted, so I hauled out the wool stash. I have three fleeces, and we won’t talk […]

Socks and science

But not, I’m afraid, the science of socks. I have finally finished something. Hooray. These are from sock yarn I dyed – important to make a trial pair up so I can show what they look like. The ankle and top of the foot are in a k2-p2 ribbing that’s staggered one stitch with every […]

Spring and string

First, spring. The giant snowpile next to the sidewalk has melted enough to reveal snowdrops. February is definitely over, and there’s a possibility of spring arriving eventually. I expect at least one more big snow, though. Now, on to string. This arrived last week from KnitPicks. It’s worsted weight Wool of the Andes in the […]

Necessary knitting

The wind chill was umpty below zero this morning. I don’t own a hand-knit sweater (yet?), so had to made do with one that was given to me (and actually, was probably hand-knit by someone in South America). All the accessories, though – hand-knit wool. Socks, scarf, and I even got to wear the super-mittens! […]

Ice and socks

Or rather, socks and ice, with a digression on birds, but that didn’t sound as titular. You remember the never-ending Jaywalker socks? They’re done, and I can model them as long as I tug them firmly onto my feet. I didn’t think they would fit my mother – very disappointing, as I chose the yarn […]