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Blink and you’ll miss it

Which appears to be what I did, more or less. I was in Georgia for a week for a conference. What little I saw of the outside world was lovely. But when I left Pennsylvania, it was warm but things were just starting to come up. I returned to this: It snowed Friday evening, but […]

April Friday

It’s 81F out there. The tiny cute tulips are getting bigger. (Just be glad I haven’t been inflicting daily progress reports on you.) The daffodils are beginning. I worked my tail off and made my big mistaken deadline, and got a whole bunch of other stuff done this week, most of which you don’t really […]

The list

Things to do this weekend (the Sunday update): Fill out and mail census form. Done. Finish judging papers. Done. Complete an essay. Figure out how/what to cram into my CW handout from the huge body of research. Now need to do that cramming. Admire the baby tulips. (today when it’s sunny and warm) Start cleaning […]

Tiny Tulips

Morgan and I are celebrating the last day of winter by lounging in the courtyard. The maples and the elms have begun flowering in the last day, and I’m starting to believe that spring will truly begin tomorrow. Barring sudden March blizzards, of course. Best of all, there are tiny tulips! They were not there […]

Sour Apple Flavored Calamari Treats*

A few brief things, before I forget about them: The call for papers for Textilforum 2010 is now available. Workshop proposals are due by 15 April; the deadline for regular presentations is 2 May. A friend sent me a link for high-resolution tapestry weaving with images by various artists. The technology involved is quite impressive. […]

Public Service Announcement

The sun is out for the fourth day in a row. I’m liking March so far. Sunlight, warmth… my mood is so much better. I would probably even have snowdrops, if they weren’t under here. The front flowerbed is by the front walk so that it can be admired several times a day. But it’s […]

Continuing last weekend

Today is chill and raining, but I have photos from last weekend for you. Only a week behind – pretty good, given my recent track record. Not that you would know, dear reader, because you can’t see the half-written posts with photos from months ago that I still intend to finish… Complete with eastern tent […]

Monday cheer

Tamie pointed out that it has been in the high 80s for the past three days, so even if frost really did happen last week, it is no longer appropriate. Instead, here’s a quick bit of cheer for Monday morning. More actual content later today, if all goes as planned. (Yeah, I know…)


Ah, spring in Pennsylvania! I seriously contemplated turning on my space heater at work this morning because my fingers were functioning below capacity, but it’s supposed to be 81F/27C by the end of the week. The flowers are blooming, but these photos were taken this morning very early. No, not an unannounced spaceflight: frost on […]

Busy day in the garden

Yesterday was gorgeous – sunny, warm. I know it’s going to frost again – it snowed less than two weeks ago, after all – but it is firmly spring in central Pennsylvania. I spent the day outside cleaning up the yard and getting ready for summer. I love gardening this time of year. Not only […]