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Warm woolies

I’ve belonged to the knitting group at Schlow Public Library since its formation five or six years ago. We’ve always done a little bit of knit/crochet to give away – afgans, mostly, and some of our members do other things. This winter I proposed yarn-bombing Downtown Eugene Brown, the statue outside the library and the […]


Here, I got you this mouse. And this snow storm. I hope you like them.

Spring and string

The snowdrops have been blooming for a couple weeks, and I saw the first tips of crocus on Wednesday, fittingly. Now if it would just stop snowing… An article yesterday talks about a well-preserved tunic that has melted out of a glacier in Norway: A pre-Viking woollen tunic found beside a thawing glacier in south […]

Digging out: a new perspective

We had July weather in March, but April 23rd looks like this. This is a problem. Flowers are blooming. And the trees are in full leaf. Some places got a lot more snow, and associated power outages. We haven’t had a big snowstorm since October. When, yes, the leaves were on the trees. I got […]


I woke up this morning to an entirely unexpected sight. The weather forecast predicted rain, but instead we got the fluffy wet snow that vanishes from the roads but sticks to everything else. It glued itself to the trees, piled up on the branches, decorated everything in sight. What’s been going on around here? I’ve […]

Drip, drip

I continue to be fascinated with the icicles as they disappear and reform. Soon the roof will be clean and there will be no more. This morning the sky was not blue, but instead the color of snow. It’s warm here, so all that’s descending is rain. I want it to be spring, but this […]

Snow turns into ice

After a few warmish days, my house looks like this. It is kind of pretty, but not so good for my gutters. Some of you admired the snow-cake on the patio table. Well, it proved to be too much for the poor old thing. Nick had that table before I started dating him, so it’s […]

Afghan insights

We haven’t come up with the printed pattern yet, though there have been some good suggestions for magazines to try that I’ll pass on to the lady with the afghan. Marie and I have been trying to reverse-engineer it on the LJ echo of that post. Here’s the close-up as a refresher (click for big, […]

It’s baaaack!

This morning when I left for work it was 25F colder than yesterday morning, and instead of torrential downpours it looked like this. (The title of this post should be said in horror-movie tones, not rock-star tones, if you were wondering.) January has returned, and just in time for February. This time of year always […]

Ice sculptures

On New Year’s Eve, I walk through the site of the State College festivities on my way to work and take pictures of the ice sculptures. Here’s 2007’s best photo: And my 2008 favorite: But here’s what the 2009 sculptures looked like this morning: They’ve changed the format, and instead of the sculptures being done […]