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More on the update

The “Recent Reads” widget is being wonky. I know about it, and thanks for noticing. Sometimes it works just fine, and sometimes it gives an error. If you hit reload book covers will eventually appear. The wonderful programmer has not yet figured it out, though other people than me have the same problem.

A year and a day

How the furry boys spent the holiday: Much like they spend every other day, really. (The photos are a bit fuzzy – flash might have disturbed the napping.) How I spent the day: Stringpage Supplies has been a going business for a year and a day, having started up on 1 September 2007 (legally, though […]

Fingerloop fibers

This will be put on the sales site in more detail, but since I was just asked a question. This is a 5-loop fingerloop braid done in the silks and cottons that I carry. (Linens yet to come.) From left to right: 6-ply rayon, 20/2 silk, 60/2 silk, scale marker, 8/2 unmercerized cotton, 10/2 mercerized […]

Quick Pic

Volunteering in my courtyard: And a quick update: the new spring sock yarn is now available at my Etsy site. If you buy some, then I can buy more blanks and do more dyeing. I was asked about the weaving cards… they aren’t listed yet, as I wanted to get a couple more things worked […]

Happy Blogday!

First we had Houseday, and now it’s Blogday! (Why yes, it is all about me, thank you for noticing!) One year ago today was the first post on String Notes (although of course the whole stringpage site has been around for a while). Like many beginning bloggers, I wasn’t sure if I would stick with […]

Pretty, pretty string

Silk, linen, cotton, rayon, in colors and sizes, but all neatly arrayed in hundred-yard skeins. They are posed with their hundred-yard skeiner, a two-yard PVC reel with a counter. The counter is very, very important! The reel can be used on a table, as here, and also has a floor stand so it can be […]

Grand opening sale!

I know that you, Faithful Reader, are well aware of my string store and its slow progress. But now, the rest of the world knows too! Or at least the subset most likely to be interested, in the form of the newsgroups most closely related to my target market. (I’m a long-time active participant in […]

Big News!

I have a whole bunch of things to cover, since I’ve been slack about actually posting here. Ya know, thinking about what I’m going to write, planning what I’m going to write, and making detailed outlines in my mind of what I’m going to write are just no substitute to actually writing. I’ve been busy, […]