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Digging out

I’m slowly getting through all the stuff that accumulated over the last six weeks. The piles of paper are diminishing, all the immediate crises have been averted, I’ve made a small clean spot in the office and uncovered half the desk! (The other half has novel manuscript pages on it, and is exempt from regular […]

Escarbuncle stamps

I was asked earlier this winter about escarbuncle rubber stamps, since I already do escarbuncle stickers and t-shirts. I said I thought I could do stamps, but would need to experiment with the technology a bit. It took me a couple of tries to get a good escarbuncle. Then I discovered that water-based inks will […]


Stringpage Supplies is back online, after a six-week break (rather longer than planned). I’m not done with the necessary changes, but have made a great deal of progress. The sock yarn is up, and the dyed fiber, and hints about stickers and t-shirts. Still in the works: actually getting the t-shirts and stickers up; fixing […]

Happy Anniversary and Stuff

Stringpage Supplies is two this month. The web store didn’t go live until January, but the paperwork and the first tentative sales all happened in September 2007. I’m not entirely sure how that was two years ago, but the calendar doesn’t lie. It has been interesting, and entertaining, and bloody hard work sometimes. I think […]

String and random filler

I have been busily working (Self-generating SQL code! Use 7 lines of code to write 1200 all by itself, and let it run for an hour or so. Oh the excitement! See why I don’t talk about work much here???), and also doing things with string. Things like coloring it and winding from big cones […]


I’ve put together a reasonable selection of supplies for beginner, intermediate and advanced card/tablet weavers, braiders, etc. Cotton, linen silk; cards; and so on – enough to keep a band-weaver happy for a very long time. Most band weavers, that is. I realized recently that I do not have any stock suitable for the insane […]

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Minor technical difficulties around here. I haven’t been able to upload photos for nearly a week. Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that the cookie pics were hosted elsewhere (though I can’t imagine why anyone would have paid any attention to that). I wrote a careful, detailed email to the support department at my web hosting […]


I had yesterday off for Veteran’s Day; thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to live in a country that has days off! It was also my grandfather’s 90th birthday (and he is a WWII veteran, so a double holiday for him). I found the perfect card within 30 seconds of walking […]

SOAR Update

Laura asked for a SOAR update, though she’s a long way away and not attending herself. I got off the waiting list last week, but the only reason I knew was that I contacted them. As a further sign of extreme disorganization on their part, SOAR is being held at a resort hotel that isn’t […]

A day to myself

Ah… a Saturday at home alone. Nick is off doing SCA stuff, and I’m here doing… whatever I want! After a lazy morning, I put on Amanda Palmer‘s new album, and set to it. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and put away all the crap in the dining room so I can do some sewing. I […]