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String Puzzle

Long-time followers of Stringpage will remember the occasional puzzles. I get a reasonable amount of email from folks asking what something is, or how to replicate it. These are fun! Sometimes I can answer, but sometimes I have no idea. When I don’t know, I call on the Internet hive-mind, source of all knowledge. Here’s […]

Back. Exhausted.

Got home at 3:30 this morning, after an airline incident involving “precautionary fire trucks”. All was fine – that announcement from the pilot was the scariest part of the whole thing. The extra five hours was the worst part – that made the whole trip (bus, train, plane) a 24-hour marathon. It will take a […]

String Adventures

The Schlow Library demo was Monday evening. This year’s adult summer reading program theme is “Get creative at your library”, and Linda has been scheduling artists to give talks. I was listed as talking about the sheep-to-sweater process, but I thought there might be something more exciting than talking about spinning and knitting to a […]

Two opportunities

The announcement for the European Textile Forum (or Textilforum) has been circulating on various relevant email lists. It will take place in the Openlucht-Museum Eindhoven, 8th to 13th September 2009. The call for papers is open until 25th of May. Katrin Kania writes, in the email announcement: We’re having a textile event in Eindhoven in […]

Sprang sashes

This past fall I was approached by an 18th-c. reenactor about the military sashes worn during the American War for Independence. Many of the famous portraits of George Washington show him wearing this sort of sash. It’s common knowledge among textile geeks that these are sprang, as described in various places including Peter Collingwood’s Techniques […]

You gotta see this!

Sprang thingie. Worse, I want to make one, just for the fun of figuring out how to do it in the round like that. Edit: More on sprang thingie, thanks Alwen!

Making lists

Things that are fabulous: Lithuanian National Musical Folklore LibraryThing A highly successful FFF That Rosalind and her family were able to hang around all of Sunday afternoon I sold a whole pile of handpainted sock yarn at FFF, which means that I get to buy more yarn Entering all my office books into LibraryThing while […]

SCA String

For anyone in my general region, my local SCA group is holding a fiber arts symposium the weekend of November 14-16 in Lamar, PA. Probably most of you who would be interested already know about it, but I also want to publicize the preliminary class list. Looks like fun! There’s still room to teach for […]

Ack! Deadlines!

Many things to get done by tomorrow to make editors happy, make bosses happy, and maybe get a bit of the long weekend for myself. Three things to share with you all: 1. Still raining! 2. In all the busyness I completely forgot to plug the PA Endless Mountains Fiber Festival next weekend (!!!), Sept […]

Books! On string!

Despite the header tag-line of this blog, there hasn’t been much in the way of book content lately. Not for lack of good intentions – I have a box of books to talk about, notes for several reviews, and since I’ve been on a werewolf kick lately, I was asked to write about the current […]