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50 books

Finished Philippa Gregory: Earthly Joys No string, but lots of plants. This novelization of famous botanist and gardener John Tradescant’s life emphasizes his interactions with the rich and famous of his day (the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign in England, through James and Charles). It seemed kind of light to me, though it really isn’t […]

So soft!

Have you ever met a skein of yarn you wanted to sleep with? Or to carry with you at all times so that you could pet it frequently? So soft that you’d like to keep it as a pet? I’ve actually succeeded in making one of those! Well, sort of – it isn’t anywhere near […]

50 books

I’m fickle, I admit it. I haven’t finished most of the books listed as “in progress” on my first booklist post, but did read a whole slew of new ones. I think I should quit listing books in progress, and stick with ones I’ve actually read, or this list will become unmanageable. I’ve also added […]

Start with the string

You walk into a craft store, WalMart, or preferrably your local yarn shop (LYS), or you browse one of the many online pushers purveyors of fine string. You want to start your first weaving project, but the choices are overwhelming – wool, acrylic, cotton, linen, silk, smooth, fuzzy, fat thin… HELP! If you are in […]

Something’s missing…

Anyone who’s known me for a while or browsed my website knows that I engage in a wide range of stringy activities: spinning, dyeing, felting, naalbinding, sprang, braiding, you name it I’ve tried it. There’s no knitting on my main web page (though that will change, I’m sure), no crochet, tatting or a few other […]

The good, the bad and the ugly

String! String is good! And this is excellent, if I do say so myself: One ball, 460yd/100g approximately, of merino-nylon blend sock yarn, in random blue and green colors, dyed in the handy dandy solar yarn cooker. Expect to see more of this appearing, maybe even on Etsy, since my enjoyment of dyeing stuff far […]

Friday the thirteenth…

… is supposed to be bad luck. So far, not so bad, though. I’m having a boring but succesful day at work (Edison’s quote about 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration – he forgot the part where much of that is deadly dull), I’m leaving work very, very soon to go look at the bits of […]

50 books

My local public library is having a celebration of their 50th birthday with a year’s worth of activities. They’ve started a new one for adults: if you read 50 books by sometime in December, you’ll get a free library book bag. I looked at that and laughed – the contest starts now, but you can’t […]

Arts Fest

Just when you thought you were safe, because Penn State football doesn’t start up again for months… comes Arts Fest: just as many people, and much longer! Many blocks of downtown are closed to accommodate the many artists there to display and sell their works, and the 125,000 people who come to admire and purchase. […]

Spin, span, spun. And dyed.

The Gotland is all spun! There’s two skeins of S-spun/Z-plied and two skeins of Z-spun/S-plied. Why, you might ask? For fun with weaving! More to come… I realized as I was taking the picture that I skeined them all in the same direction regardless of yarn twist. It probably doesn’t make much difference because the […]