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Puzzle [solved already]

Regular readers know that I occasionally post a puzzle. People email me with photos of odd things, and I ask the textile HiveMind for help (and if you have a puzzler, please send it!). [This one was solved before I even got to post it, since I happened to mention this item to a friend […]

String Puzzle, amended

Yes, everyone thinks the gizmo looks like a bobbin winder of some sort. But here’s where we’re most perplexed: The putative bobbin area is hourglass shaped. There isn’t an obvious way to mount a pirn or quill, and how would you get it off if you wound directly onto the shaft? My friend didn’t get […]

String Puzzle

Long-time followers of Stringpage will remember the occasional puzzles. I get a reasonable amount of email from folks asking what something is, or how to replicate it. These are fun! Sometimes I can answer, but sometimes I have no idea. When I don’t know, I call on the Internet hive-mind, source of all knowledge. Here’s […]