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Truly ferocious

This is a much happier story. We also took Morgan the Ferocious Monster to the vet last week. He’s also quite ancient, well over seventeen. About a year ago he developed some digestive problems, so I switched his food and completely quit feeding him any human food whatsoever. Morgan was happy with half of that […]

Caterpillar NOM

My mother sent the dog and cat a holiday package (the grandcritters!) and as always we opened it on Christmas morning. Morgan got his toy first, while the dog was out in the yard: a stripy stuffed caterpillar that is the best thing ever. The Ferocious Monster finally demonstrates the truth of his name for […]

Holiday cheer

Recycling is very important, especially around the holiday season. All that wrapping paper, the boxes… and the tree. Hm. But that looks kind of dangerous. How about something safer that the whole family can enjoy? No wait… that looks even more dangerous! The Ferocious Monster would never put up with it.

The odder side of fiber animals

It has been a long and insane week at work (crisis appears to have been averted, at least) and rather than the stuff I’d intended to post this week, you get video entertainment. I have bags and bags of dog fur saved up to spin. I’m just not going to shave Morgan though. If you […]


All of the paperwork side of the textile symposium is taken care of – class scheduling, program book, the various signs and forms and sheets that need to be prepared. Now there’s just the cooking for 100 for the weekend part… the dishes that have been in storage have been washed, the bread ordered, the […]

Viking princess

Apparently I’ve been doing it wrong. Though of course I’m not a Princess, so maybe it’s just a rank thing? You must go to the original site and look at the closeups. Her headgear is particularly nice.

Poppets go shopping

Who knew how much poppets like the produce section? They were less sure of the bakery. More


I’ve put together a reasonable selection of supplies for beginner, intermediate and advanced card/tablet weavers, braiders, etc. Cotton, linen silk; cards; and so on – enough to keep a band-weaver happy for a very long time. Most band weavers, that is. I realized recently that I do not have any stock suitable for the insane […]