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Medieval Housewife

The nearby town of Huntingdon holds a Mayfest every year, on the last weekend of April. They have a time-travelling sort of theme, with Renaissance, Rev and Civil wars, and more modern eras of US history. This year the local SCA group provided a bit of historical flavor for the Renaissance section (though we did […]

Making lists

Things that are fabulous: Lithuanian National Musical Folklore LibraryThing A highly successful FFF That Rosalind and her family were able to hang around all of Sunday afternoon I sold a whole pile of handpainted sock yarn at FFF, which means that I get to buy more yarn Entering all my office books into LibraryThing while […]

SCA String

For anyone in my general region, my local SCA group is holding a fiber arts symposium the weekend of November 14-16 in Lamar, PA. Probably most of you who would be interested already know about it, but I also want to publicize the preliminary class list. Looks like fun! There’s still room to teach for […]