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A new decade

I’ve been notably absent, but I can finally tell you a bit about one of the things that’s been taking up the word quota. My first published piece of fiction appeared today at Crossed Genres, just in time for my fortieth birthday. I managed to meet a ridiculous number of June deadlines, more of which […]

Interweave Book Sale

Interweave’s annual book sale is upon us. Their server seems a bit melty this morning.

Quick catch-up

I’d planned the long catch-up, with copious photographs, but this isn’t it. Turns out the business is busier than it has ever been, which is great but leaves no time for much else. And, let’s see… I was in New Hampshire most of last week, then came home and spent the weekend building bookshelves and […]

Friday Fun

For your entertainment: Go Fug Thyself. Have a good weekend!

Of onions and audio cables

(I keep forgetting to post this.) Every so often my webpage is linked by something completely unexpected. A few years ago my braiding page was linked in a page about audio cables, and the author was kind enough to let me know, while asking a question. This time, it’s something equally unstringy: Karbyn emailed me […]

Okay then

I’m coming to the conclusion that there is no possible way to accomplish everything that I need to do. I thought I might get to take a couple days off in late April or early May, but if I do that then I won’t have enough vacation hours to manage later days that I’m already […]


Yesterday was a really good day for melting.

Further metamorphoses

Snow turns into ice, and ice turns into water. Carving and shaping itself into biological seemings. Pattern and form, light and shadow.


Snomageddon! SnOMG!! It all started innocuously enough, steady but light flakes descending, barely even sticking. The forecast only called for 4-8 inches, and they’ve been wildly overestimating all winter. I thought we might get 6 – that would be fun. I had no plans for the day that required leaving the house. But that’s what […]

Friday photos

No, I’m nowhere near the computer. Right about now I should be buying twenty pounds of chicken, thirty-five pounds of beef, and forty loaves of bread. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve something to enjoy while I’m busy. These are two of Tamie’s office plants. Mine is getting ready, but the buds aren’t open […]