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Posts from ‘September, 2011’

Is it Friday yet?

Well, is it? Okay, good. Now that we’ve gotten that taken care of, have a few more links. 500-year-old printed music now available online. For earlier examples, try the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music. And then there were the 300 paintings found in a Polish outhouse. “Police said the mysterious collection included works of […]


I got the cursed project at work beaten into submission just in the nick of time, because my mother came for a long weekend. We ate a lot, drank a fair bit, watched Criminal Minds, and various other relaxing activities that have nothing at all to do with work. She gave me chrysanthemums. Gorgeous chrysanthemums, […]

Chop wood, carry water

It didn’t rain this weekend! At all! I celebrated by committing mayhem with the pruning shears. and also the other side of the house, and started the semi-annual ivy removal project. Can you tell? No really, that’s an “after” – I took all three photos at the same time. Now it looks like an ordinarily […]

Three-hour tour

I was so on the ball: I got the photos from Peters Valley Craft Center posted to Flickr the day after I got back. The accompanying text? Not so much. Peters Valley Craft Center is gorgeous, out in the woods in the Delaware Water Gap. Most or all of the former village of Bevans has […]