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Posts from ‘July, 2011’

Bad blogger, no biscuit

Look! Over there! A Viking! The Saga Of Biorn from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

Computer woes

I have a netbook, and it goes everywhere with me (nearly; the Nook Color is much smaller and has superseded it for some excursions). It’s in the kitchen a lot, for looking up recipes, playing music, chatting while I cook. I’ve gotten flour in it, chocolate, all sorts of things, but it’s a robust little […]

The rest of the story

Besides yesterday’s sugar-laden photo opportunity, I took a complete set of more usual scavenger-hunt photos, and I’m even posting them less than a day later. (See everyone’s results.) Squares Shadow I was hoping to spot something more interesting, but at least it wasn’t raining this Thursday as it has for the past couple weeks. Teenager […]