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Posts from ‘February, 2011’

Flip, twist, turn

I started answering a question on the SCA-Card-Weaving email list, but the answer quickly got too complicated for easy emailing, and I thought it might be interesting to others as well. The question: “Is flipping a card on its vertical axis really the same as reversing the direction? That is, instead of FF -flip- FF […]

By popular demand

And especially for Jess. (Click to enlarge.) There are more photos here if anyone is interested. These were taken with my new point-and-shoot, an HP CB350 that I got on sale quite inexpensively. It did a remarkably good job with very poor photography conditions. I have a lot of photos that are nothing but blurs, […]

Let’s ROCK!

Bon Jovi played last night to a full house, and a large house it was. The boys can rock. It looks like four of the original members are still there, and they all know know their stuff. It was of course a big-budget show, with lots of nifty toys and screens and lights and robotic […]

Tomorrow’s getting harder, make no mistake

This is after I cleaned my desk. I filed, recycled, relabeled, and it still looks like that. But I have Bon Jovi tix for tonight: they’re starting the world tour in State College, of all places. I was 16 when Slippery When Wet came out, and though I haven’t listened to it in over a […]

I am…

A genus of moth. Very tired of ice. Pleased to see the sun, if only for a few minutes. Simultaneously nearly caught up and incredibly behind. Working to fix the blog formatting bits broken by a recent upgrade. Added: Aggravated. I fixed everything else, but the upgrade stripped all the categories from all my previous […]


The best camera is the one you have with you. I have a DSLR, and it takes wonderful pictures, and I have a lot of fun with it, but I only carry it when I intend to take a lot of pictures. My point-and-shoot died a few months ago. I’ve sorely missed it for quick […]