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Posts from ‘December, 2010’

Caterpillar NOM

My mother sent the dog and cat a holiday package (the grandcritters!) and as always we opened it on Christmas morning. Morgan got his toy first, while the dog was out in the yard: a stripy stuffed caterpillar that is the best thing ever. The Ferocious Monster finally demonstrates the truth of his name for […]

Holiday cheer

Merry Christmas everyone! (via matociquala) You might also like Christmas in space. I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas have a lovely day, with the food you love and the people you love. I wish the same for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas: why should love be restricted to one day […]

Running out of days

It’s getting very hard to narrow down the musical selections. But how about some Japanese pop music today? Time to bake the pies!


LEGO sheep! And a wolf! From the LEGO Shave a Sheep game (called Wild Wool in North America-apparently shaving your sheep is too naughty for us; via Juno). But what do I really want for Christmas? (And zombies for the brave!)


(Science on the other side. Also giant robots.)

Solstice greetings

Clear and sunny today, if cold, a lovely solstice morning. The days will be getting longer from here, which I find reassuring. That doesn’t exactly solve the problem since January and February are notoriously gray. Weeks with no sunlight don’t thrill me regardless of how long the days are. I’d still rather live here than […]

Holiday spirits

By which I mean I made rumballs for the first time this weekend. Whyever did I not make those before? Gingersnaps work beautifully for the base. Spicy boozy goodness! Terri Windling is doing a series on her blog on desks: artists, writers, famous, little-known–they’re all there, and it’s fascinating. I love Christmas music, but only […]

Holiday cheer

Recycling is very important, especially around the holiday season. All that wrapping paper, the boxes… and the tree. Hm. But that looks kind of dangerous. How about something safer that the whole family can enjoy? No wait… that looks even more dangerous! The Ferocious Monster would never put up with it.

Pancake Extravaganza

When my brother Nate was in elementary school, his class learned how to make what the teacher called “Dutch mini-pancakes”. He thinks maybe fourth grade, but is no longer sure exactly when or why they learned this. These Dutch mini-pancakes were a great favorite for a while, but I’d completely forgotten about them until I […]

More on the loom

A few people asked about the dimensions of the Leclerc loom. I finally had a few minutes with a tape measure: weaving width 10″ loom width 11.5″ length 21″ height 17″ heddles 9.5″ I can’t find a serial number or any other identifier. As some of you suggested, I’m going to contact Leclerc directly and […]