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Posts from ‘February, 2010’

Drip, drip

I continue to be fascinated with the icicles as they disappear and reform. Soon the roof will be clean and there will be no more. This morning the sky was not blue, but instead the color of snow. It’s warm here, so all that’s descending is rain. I want it to be spring, but this […]

Further metamorphoses

Snow turns into ice, and ice turns into water. Carving and shaping itself into biological seemings. Pattern and form, light and shadow.

Snow turns into ice

After a few warmish days, my house looks like this. It is kind of pretty, but not so good for my gutters. Some of you admired the snow-cake on the patio table. Well, it proved to be too much for the poor old thing. Nick had that table before I started dating him, so it’s […]

Afghan insights

We haven’t come up with the printed pattern yet, though there have been some good suggestions for magazines to try that I’ll pass on to the lady with the afghan. Marie and I have been trying to reverse-engineer it on the LJ echo of that post. Here’s the close-up as a refresher (click for big, […]

The great afghan hunt

A lady brought an afghan to knitting night. She’d knitted it years ago and now wanted to make another one, but had lost the pattern. Can anyone help identify the pattern/book/magazine? A quick search of Ravelry didn’t find anything with both the bobbles and the slanted stitches (forming the attractive pointed edge). What do you […]


Snomageddon! SnOMG!! It all started innocuously enough, steady but light flakes descending, barely even sticking. The forecast only called for 4-8 inches, and they’ve been wildly overestimating all winter. I thought we might get 6 – that would be fun. I had no plans for the day that required leaving the house. But that’s what […]


My dog is dual-coated! (Click for bigger.) See the tog and thel? Okay, not really, exactly, quite. But it’s a neat photo. In other news, Ernest Shackleton’s whiskey has been recovered from the Antarctic. Apparently some of the bottles are still intact. In other other news, it’s snowing.

It really looks more like this

I’ve run out of brightly-dyed skeins to photograph, so I’m forced to show photos of what February really looks like in central Pennsylvania. February is a dreary gray month here, but the sky was not pitch black when I left work today so there’s hope. I have some creative and colorful links for your enjoyment. […]

Escarbuncle stamps

I was asked earlier this winter about escarbuncle rubber stamps, since I already do escarbuncle stickers and t-shirts. I said I thought I could do stamps, but would need to experiment with the technology a bit. It took me a couple of tries to get a good escarbuncle. Then I discovered that water-based inks will […]

Start here

It is both Monday and February, and I’m not entirely certain how I feel about either of those things. Neither is Morgan (still the number one Ferocious Monster [Yes, I mention that periodically. Sorry if you are bored, but I find it a fascinating example of the quirkiness of search engine results.]). But here, have […]