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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

It’s baaaack!

This morning when I left for work it was 25F colder than yesterday morning, and instead of torrential downpours it looked like this. (The title of this post should be said in horror-movie tones, not rock-star tones, if you were wondering.) January has returned, and just in time for February. This time of year always […]

Monday, Monday

It was hard to get out of bed this morning: gray, wet, dreary. I had a dog draped across my ankles, and a cat on my chest. Nick suggested I might suddenly develop a horrid 24-hour bug. For all I got done at work today I might as well have stayed home. Paperwork, filing, email: […]


I survived the week (hooray!) and got everything done (hooray!!!), and am enjoying a three-day weekend (hooray!!!!!). Tomorrow I’m off to Vermont for the week. I’ve been collecting online museum databases, the good ones with lots of objects online, with photographs and descriptions. The first few are listed here, (and linked from the header if […]

Three things, with photos

I somehow managed to schedule an undoable amount of work for this week, and have now had some additional meetings added, so I may be scarce around the internet this week. Fun things I did this weekend: Dyed a series of wool skeins to match the same colorwheel I did with the Lanaset dyes on […]


Remember my bowl of wild grapes, harvested from the rose corner? The juice spent some time in the freezer, but finally became a very small dish of not-quite-gelled-enough grape jelly. It maybe more like heavy syrup than jelly, but it tastes awfully good. Still, I pruned all the vines out of the rosebushes. It was […]

Well then

Somehow the three-day weekend has completely gotten away from me. Here it is, Sunday afternoon, and all the things I was going to do are undone. I read a novel, and played games on the computer, and watched Criminal Minds, and chatted with friends and enjoyed Irish music. I guess that’s what people do on […]

A New Year’s success??

I just might have fixed the LiveJournal Crossposting, which would make me incredibly happy. I’ve wasted a great deal of time futzing with it, mostly because not having a functioning crossposter makes it impossible for me to have posts written in advance and posted to LJ as well as here. If this works, I will […]