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Sneak peek

Tablet weaving tour: time, space, structure. I’m never going to have everything, but I’ve made a very good start. Don’t you wish you were coming to Albuquerque? PS. If you’re interested, there’s a roundup of recent non-textile publications here.

A new decade

I’ve been notably absent, but I can finally tell you a bit about one of the things that’s been taking up the word quota. My first published piece of fiction appeared today at Crossed Genres, just in time for my fortieth birthday. I managed to meet a ridiculous number of June deadlines, more of which […]

I am here

Don’t you wish you were too?

Interweave Book Sale

Interweave’s annual book sale is upon us. Their server seems a bit melty this morning.

Cooking, Photography, Art

I have little green tomatos! And strawberries! And the black raspberries are starting to shade into pink. I’m also in the midst of a five-week string of houseguests, and a couple of very large deadlines. And Complex Weavers is Real Soon Now. (Yay, but yikes!) I keep finding fun things to share with you all, […]

A rainbow of tomatoes

It may have snowed less than three weeks ago, but late May is the time for tomatoes – cross your fingers for me, okay? I went out to Tait Farm last week for my plants. I like the idea of starting my own seeds, but I’ve never had good luck with them, and the cat […]


I was in New Hampshire most of last week for work [now the week before last!]. Work looks a lot like this: We worked a couple of 13-hour days in torrential pollen and got home a day early. Everyone was happy to see me. After an intense week I was ready to relax a bit, […]

Today I mean yesterday

Writing the text and uploading the photos is not so useful without also posting them, it seems. Today was filled with an all-day meeting, but the roomful of visiting and local scientists did manage to get outside for a while, to check out the local watershed from top… … to bottom. This is a nasty […]

Quick catch-up

I’d planned the long catch-up, with copious photographs, but this isn’t it. Turns out the business is busier than it has ever been, which is great but leaves no time for much else. And, let’s see… I was in New Hampshire most of last week, then came home and spent the weekend building bookshelves and […]

Friday Fun

For your entertainment: Go Fug Thyself. Have a good weekend!