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Posts from ‘July, 2009’


Ghirardelli Grand Fudge Cake. It’s a cocoa-based recipe, for those lazy cake-baking days. I’ve relied on it for years – good basicchocolate cake.


Hi, Wednesday! Wasn’t it just Sunday? Weren’t there supposed to be other days here somewhere? Hm. We’ve joined a CSA this year – a subscription plan with weekly boxes of veggies from a local farm. Yum! Each box comes with a certain quota of things that Nick won’t eat. There aren’t many veggies that I […]

Poppet goes hiking

Let me distract you with poppet photos. Um, from May. Have I mentioned that I’m behind on blogging? I have some photos from March to post too. Look! Over there! Shiny! Poppet forest. Poppet finds a monster. No poppet in this one. More.

String Adventures

The Schlow Library demo was Monday evening. This year’s adult summer reading program theme is “Get creative at your library”, and Linda has been scheduling artists to give talks. I was listed as talking about the sheep-to-sweater process, but I thought there might be something more exciting than talking about spinning and knitting to a […]


One of my long–standing to-do items is to do a bunch of dye samples on wool and silk so I have a reference for color mixing, color intensity, and for the behavior of different dyes on the two substrates. Some of the dye mixtures tend to break into their component parts, and more on silk […]


Happy Independence Day for those of you who are in the US. And for the rest of you, at least it’s Saturday, right? I had Friday off, and have been trying to catch up on the many things that were neglected while I was out of town: lawn, work, things with deadlines, things past their […]