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Posts from ‘March, 2009’


I’m in awe of the herd dogs, actually.

In lieu of brains

Short on words, energy, brains… but I do have photos taken after work on this beautiful spring day. The crocuses are almost there. I could swear the tulips weren’t up when I left for work this morning. Even the lilac is getting in on the action. I had help checking out all the corners of […]


I completely acknowledge that St Patrick’s Day is a fairly modern made-up holiday. And yet, I enjoy it. I’m wearing green, listening to Irish music, and will eventually get around to drinking Tully. I’m even of Irish ancestry, and year-round, not just today. While walking to work this morning, I was entertained by a piper. […]

Half a virtual tour

Tonight was spent messing around in the studio, trying to get class prep finished for some of the things I’m doing this month. Last weekend was my only free weekend this month. This weekend: teaching on Saturday in Poughkeepsie, NY. Next weekend, Butler County Spinners and Weavers Guild, and the following week I’m judging an […]

Further Refinement

Yesterday’s googlefight prompted a comment from Michael. He pointed out that I missed “cardweaving”, which could upset the match. So I ran a new fight: tabletweaving: 5240 cardweaving: 3280 added to yesterday’s scores: “tablet weaving” 4920 “card weaving” 2830 with final results of: T 10160 C 6110 leaving “tablet” firmly in the lead. Whew!


It was 72F today. I live in Pennsylvania. It is the first week of March. The previous record was 65F. Today beat the record by seven degrees. I was lured outside by the weather. It’s too early and too wet yet to do much in the yard and garden, but I cleaned up the front […]

Because I was curious

Googlefight: tablet weaving: 4920 card weaving: 2830 And…. tablet weaving wins, 2 to 1. Edit: LJ broke my post, even though it worked fine in WordPress, so I changed the googlefight link to the home page. You’ll have to type in “tablet weaving” and “card weaving” yourself if you want to duplicate my results.

Spring in Pennsylvania

… looks something like this. That’s the sidewalk under there, just after dawn sometime last week. We’d had a hard rain on frozen ground, with nowhere for all the water to go. I’m slowly digging myself out of this pile, and hope to be back to blogging regularly in a week or two. See you […]

Colonial Sheep

The current issue of Agricultural Research has an article about the preservation of two heirloom sheep breeds, the Hog Island and the Leicester Longwool. I always enjoy having an excuse to read about wool on company time.

Poppets see the future

I’ve already introduced you to poppets and their pastimes, and have inspired at least two readers to bring some home. What I didn’t realize was that poppets are talented prognosticators. Through their powers, I’ve learned more about the origins of these mysterious creatures, and am sharing my new insights with you all.