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Posts from ‘October, 2008’

Happy Halloween!

My office is boring, but no more so than expected. I’m the only Halloween-inspired person in the building, with my Mistress of Skulls shirt and string of bone skull beads. I have a pumpkin on my desk, and Carrothulu is supervising. This weekend the pumpkin will become food, so no carving. In other random news, […]

Can’t stand it

When I started blogging, I decided that my main goal was to talk about string, books and plants (see header), and that in order to avoid driving away people who are interested in those topics but may hold divergent views on other issues, I would not discuss religion or politics. I do talk about science […]


Yep, that’s snow. (And Jess, that’s also the new Creamery, as seen from my office window.) Oddly, the petunias are still blooming; this was taken this morning as I left for work.

A short autumn

My personal marker for the end of summer is when the tomatoes freeze. If I can still pick fresh tomatoes off the vine, it’s still summer. This year, they made it until October 19, only ten days ago. The leaves aren’t all off the red maple in front of the house, I haven’t raked, and […]


You know the weather has turned when faceless-cat appears. Noses must be protected, you know. I made some stitch markers the other evening. One set is for me, the others are gifts (for knitters who do not read my blog). They are artfully posed on the second sleeve of my cardigan. I still don’t expect […]

Hard frost

We got a hard frost Saturday night, and that was it for the tomatoes. Also the basil. I’d gotten most of the tomatoes off, but didn’t pick the last of the basil. It was 80F last week; I wasn’t expecting everything to go away quite so quickly. We finally closed the windows, but haven’t turned […]


Thursday morning I set off for the Poconos. It’s about a three-hour drive, through lovely rural Pennsylvania (on an interstate, but rural despite that), through hills and farmland, and through some peak fall colors. The weather was lovely, and the trees were gorgeous. I could trace the topography in the colors: green in the valleys, […]

Cookie nomnomnom

Since my previous attempt to make Will Shetterly’s Finest-Kind cookies met with such great approval, I thought I’d give it another shot. Having done it once, I had to tweak the recipe a bit. Here’s the latest incarnation: 1/2 cup butter (reduced from 3/4) 1 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1/2 cup honey 1 egg […]

A Weaver

I turned on my computer this morning to learn that Peter Collingwood, master weaver and textile specialist, died unexpectedly yesterday, in his studio at home. I’d never had the pleasure of meeting Peter in person, but we’d corresponded a number of times over the years. He wrote the masterworks on tablet weaving, and rug weaving, […]

Autumn Gardens

This is what I rose to early this morning. My sofa faces the east-looking livingroom window. I watched the clouds change colors and positions, and finally fade, accompanied by the crunch of my breakfast cereal. It occurred to me earlier this week that I’m wildly excited by the first flowers of spring, and overwhelmed by […]