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Posts from ‘August, 2008’


I like geek-toys. Software, gadgets, you name it. But I like them to have some purpose, not just be shiny for the sake of being shiny. I’m sure part of it is that it’s more fun to play with new tools than to use them, at least for me, and another fraction of it is […]

Must be Friday

But at least I made it to work, right?

Minor technical matters

Instead of, oh, showering and dressing and going to work, I’ve been playing with WordPress. Because, you know, I have so much free time right now. I hope you will be pleased with the minor updates. It is now possible to subscribe to comments after you leave one. Not that there have been many comment-flurries, […]

A tribute to John Scalzi

John Scalzi just won a Hugo for writing about bacon online. Or something like that. Scalzi was also nominated for Best Novel, and lost by only 9 votes, but the bacon is obviously far more important. So, to honor John Scalzi for his achievements, I present to you… … bacon chocolate cheesecake. No really. (And […]

Still life with tomatoes and manuscript

Bread, cheese (in wax!), fresh basil, and the very first of the tomatoes! Of the fancy heirloom tomatoes, the Flamme wins the prize for earliest. The Sioux did not thrive, and won’t produce any fruit. We’ll see about the other two. Even the volunteer black cherry tomatoes didn’t start to ripen until this week. They […]