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Posts from ‘June, 2008’

A week off

I’m off to the Complex Weavers 2008 Seminar. Yes, it’s in Tampa at the end of June, and no, Peter Collingwood won’t be able to attend, but it will be just full of string geekery and other fibery goodness. I’m taking some interesting-sounding classes, including a couple that are well outside my usual interest zone. […]


In the interest of catching up on some back files (and in the interest of not having to actually think of anything to write today), here are some of this spring’s flowers. (How behind am I, you might ask? Well, none of these are still blooming.)

The Internet is weird

Okay, I realize that the title of this post is both a: not news; and b: a vast understatement. Really, weird is the wrong word. Circuitous, synergistic, voyeuristic, participatory… I was reminded of the existence of a band I used to like, The Flash Girls, by a blog post a while ago. In my quest […]

Indigo results

Indigo process will have to wait for another post, but here are some of the indigo results, now that everything has aired, and rinsed, and had time to dry. Wool is easy, and the couple of skeins I threw in came out very nicely, not that you can really tell from this picture. Dark, even, […]

String and things for string

Whirlwind update with something for everyone. I’ve been collecting photos and not posting them, so here’s a catch-up photo essay. I have a new reel, complete with rotation counter, courtesy of Nick. It spins beatifully, although the counter-post is going to need some work. The furniture fairies (aka Nick’s parents) brought us some things last […]


The bad news: I’m on the waitlist for SOAR. The good news (I hope): I’m not very far down on the waitlist, so hopefully I still get to go. Not that I want other people to cancel, but… I have plans, you know!


This is something of a guest post, as these aren’t my adventures, but rather Tamie’s. Still, I’m the one writing about them (with her permission), though I fully expect to have her add her own perspective in the comments section. First of all, let me point out that this sort of behavior is why Tamie […]

That memey thing

Remember that meme that Abby tagged me for? I got tagged again (and I’m not going to do it over!), but that reminded me that I hadn’t quite finished. All that’s left is to tag some other people. This one seems to be rather popular, though, and everyone that I was thinking of tagging has […]

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

Oh yeah… writing this, then letting it sit in my files until mid-June would not be helpful, so I should actually post it. Worldwide Knit in Public Day is Saturday June 14 this year. Go somewhere and knit! Demonstrate to the world that knitters are everywhere, and in all ages and genders and attitudes. For […]