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Posts from ‘February, 2008’

All his fault

While I’m writing about Neil Gaiman, I should assign blame where it’s due. Without his evil influence, I might never have encountered FreeRice, a charity vocabulary site. (No, not donate a word to the illiterate, though that does have a certain appeal.) My record: Not that I’m competitive or anything…

The oracle speaks

Neil Gaiman* has a Magnificent Oracular Journal. His ordinary journal is anything but ordinary**, as one might expect, so I anticipated great things from the Magnificent Oracle. I shook the Mystical Ball of Truth as instructed. I shook it extra-hard, just to make sure, while concentrating on a Very Important Question. (No, I shan’t tell […]


By popular (???) demand, more of the Louisville penguins. The penguins, sculpted by Omar Ronda, are atop the 21c Museum. They apparently also wander the halls of the associated hotel.