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Posts from ‘February, 2008’


This is my least favorite time of year. Gray, chill, wet. All sorts of sludge falling from the sky – rain, snow, sleet – and coating everything. The thrill of inches of snow has worn off, and winter has lost its allure. There’s still a month or six weeks of foul weather to look forward […]


I am again taking the easy way out, and posting someone else’s website instead of my own. I think after you get a look at Ullabenulla, you’ll completely forget that I’m such a slacker. (Laura should definitely spend some time here!) Also very interesting: Mia Wolff’s website. Both of these are more general art/artist sites, […]

Fierce and Independent

Our house has carpet in the bedroom and the living room, but a wood floor in the hallway connecting the two. I was eating breakfast this morning, and pitiful whining came from the hallway. The dog is on a diet, so he’s very eager to get his breakfast as soon as I get up. The […]

Yesterday’s news

[I mean the title literally – I took these photos yesterday, but didn’t have time to post them, as work is suffering extreme chaos right now. So pretend it isn’t sunny and warm (well, right around freezing, which is at least warmer), and instead, think of yesterday in central Pennsylvania.] I miss my dye studio. […]


Today it’s 10F (that would be -12C for the rest of the world) outside, and the super-mittens are too warm! Here’s another post that has languished unwritten in my queue. Remember last fall I had a Ravelry pool going, with a sock yarn prize? Marion won, and I managed to successfully ship it to the […]

Buttons, braids and books

It was too cold and snowy to go outside, so I spent the weekend indoors doing interesting things with string. (Also too dangerous – there was a 9-car pileup here in white-out conditions, and a 60-something car pileup in eastern PA.) Needle-lace buttons… … and matching fingerloop braids… … as decorative book closures. The book […]

Necessary knitting

The wind chill was umpty below zero this morning. I don’t own a hand-knit sweater (yet?), so had to made do with one that was given to me (and actually, was probably hand-knit by someone in South America). All the accessories, though – hand-knit wool. Socks, scarf, and I even got to wear the super-mittens! […]

Sheep style

Today’s Kevin & Kell.

The artistic fallacy

[Ed.: It seems appropriate that this post has been sitting in my queue, unwritten, for as long as it has. I refuse to admit how long that is, though a clever reader could easily figure it out, nor will I admit the number of miles I’ve carried Bird by Bird, just waiting for a chance […]


“Everything would be okay if we just had rubberier time. If you could lean against a week so it would have ten or fifteen or thirty days in it. That’s all we need.” – Neil Gaiman