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Posts from ‘October, 2007’

Death to the Annoying!

In honor of Halloween, and of the paper I’m writing, I decorated my office door this morning. Didn’t help.

Fall colors…

…in my dyepot, along with some rarely seen in nature. All properly supervised, of course. I’m not sure he approves. I took a badly-needed Friday off, and spent that and the rest of the weekend up to my elbows in dye. I now have umpty-thousand yards of cotton, silk and rayon, in various weights and […]

50 books

I haven’t posted a booklist in quite some time, but it isn’t for lack of mind-numbing trashy novels in my life. Debbie Macomber: The Shop on Blossom Street – These are wildly popular, but to me this exemplified all that’s wrong with “chick lit”. Lincoln Child: Deep Storm: A Novel – Popcorn adventure – undersea […]

Historical Perspective

People have been making or working with string for thousands of years. They’ve been turning it into fabric practical or impractical, into thicker laces, fancy or plain, and into whatever else the fertile human imagination could conceive, and nimble fingers enact. There are more ways to make string into other things that I can ever […]

And the winner is…

Marion! But only by a day… one day earlier and Sara would have taken the prize. from “” to date Oct 17, 2007 11:56 AM Thank you all for participating! Marion, I’ll be in touch about your new sock yarn. (Hm… you might have to help me figure out international shipping.) For anyone who’s […]

Oh… my…

Can I please be excused from work today? I’m knitting lace. What? That doesn’t count as a valid illness? What if I get a doctor’s note? Dear Boss, I’m sorry, Sarah must take the day off of work to recover from a sudden obsession. In fact, she may require several days off to fully recover. […]

Weaving 101: Weaving (finally!)

Everything is ready: you know a bit about weaving, your warp is ready, and the heddles are tied. After all that setup, the weaving will be easy. Your loom should look something like this. You’ll need a couple more things. First, a shuttle to hold your weft while you weave. Nobody likes a tangled weft. […]

Weaving 101: Heddles

In previous installments, we learned about weaving and measured and set up the warp. This is where we left off: The warp has been measured, attached to the loom, and split into its upper and lower layers, creating a shed. You could weave the band without the shed, by using a needle or something to […]

Web finds

I didn’t learn to tie my shoes until I was already in school. I remember practicing on a spool of rope while waiting for the schoolbus. There was a large window facing a half-mile clear chunk of road, so in the winter if you kept an eye on the top of the far hill, there […]

Random update

First of all, the Ravelry contest. As best I can count, I got 6 entries. One of the lucky 6 will win the pretty, pretty sock yarn! Here are the guesses: Sara Fail – Oct 13, 2007 (hm, I like this one – that’s this weekend!) Marion – Oct 20, 2007 Tamie – Dec 3, […]