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The dyed roving

Over the weekend I finished spinning the dyed roving! I now have three small balls of variegated two-ply yarn looking for a project. Pretty, no? I’m not overly happy with the spinning – I was having a bit of trouble drafting this wool evenly. Since I purchased originally to make thrummed mittens with, spinnability wasn’t […]

The good, the bad and the ugly

String! String is good! And this is excellent, if I do say so myself: One ball, 460yd/100g approximately, of merino-nylon blend sock yarn, in random blue and green colors, dyed in the handy dandy solar yarn cooker. Expect to see more of this appearing, maybe even on Etsy, since my enjoyment of dyeing stuff far […]

Spin, span, spun. And dyed.

The Gotland is all spun! There’s two skeins of S-spun/Z-plied and two skeins of Z-spun/S-plied. Why, you might ask? For fun with weaving! More to come… I realized as I was taking the picture that I skeined them all in the same direction regardless of yarn twist. It probably doesn’t make much difference because the […]

Cherry bomb

I wanted to make something for myself as the first project from the solar yarn cooker. So, time to experiment with painted roving. My goal has always been to get solid, even color, so this multicolored thing is a bit foreign to me, but I like the way other people’s rovings and yarn look. First, […]

Fun in the sun

I was wandering the Internet on Saturday morning, and ran across Pippi Knee Socks, which led me to an article on dyeing in the Summer 2007 issue of KnittySpin, in which the author used a solar oven for dyeing, which led me to plans for a solar oven (by way of a page or two […]

Some quick pics

Here’s a quick peek at some of the dyed wool. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to take better photos and get all caught up on the article I want to write about it. (Hah! All caught up, funny! I think maybe I might have been briefly on top of things about 5 years ago, but […]

Thoughts on dyeing

This is going to be short, and alas unillustrated since darkness arrived long before I got around to photographing anything… I need a tenth-gram scale. And I need a source of hot water closer than the bathtub. And I need a heat source other than the kitchen stove. Picture me running around all afternoon carrying […]

Welcome to my dye studio

I always thought those movie depictions of science labs with flasks full of colored liquids were pretty silly, but this is where I spent the evening: I guess I need some flasks. And maybe a bunsen burner. Just for the effect, you know. There’s an outside water faucet, a convenient table, and it doesn’t matter […]

Getting ready to dye…

I was thinking yesterday about my approach to things… art, life, work… pretty much everything. You could probably sum it all up as “science in service of art”. Art is the goal, but fuzzy-wuzzy inspiration and a good dose of trial and error can only get you so far. The science is necessary as well, […]

Pretty colors

So I want to do some dyeing… I have some Procion MX dyes for cellulosic fibers, and a small stash of natural dyes, and I’ve even done some koolaid dyeing, but I want to do something different. The best dyes for wool are the acid dyes (not as scary as they sound, since the acid […]