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Special bonus issue

As a Blogday Bonus, I give you yarn pron, sock yarn so fresh it isn’t even dry yet. (Though I certainly hope it’s dry by now, it wasn’t on Sunday when I took these pics.) All sock yarn, and the product of the first dye-studio binge of spring. (And I’m now completely out of sock […]

Pretty, pretty string

Silk, linen, cotton, rayon, in colors and sizes, but all neatly arrayed in hundred-yard skeins. They are posed with their hundred-yard skeiner, a two-yard PVC reel with a counter. The counter is very, very important! The reel can be used on a table, as here, and also has a floor stand so it can be […]

Fickle weather

I had it all figured out. While walking to work in the rain this morning, I planned today’s blog post about how it is gray and miserable outside, but in my studio there were all these bright colors from my dye experiments. So now it’s sunny out, and I couldn’t possibly write that post while […]

100 Unicorns

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a post all week. (Bear with me as I maintain the delusion that I have regular readers!) That isn’t for lack of interesting things to talk about, believe me (and not even any more of those statistics equations, though if you happen to be interested… no, probably […]


I feel so grownup. This weekend we bought new furniture, from an actual furniture store. Okay, it was on clearance, but still… It took under two minutes for them to receive the Morgan seal of approval. I don’t think we’d carried everything in from the car before he was happily perched on one of them. […]

Fall colors…

…in my dyepot, along with some rarely seen in nature. All properly supervised, of course. I’m not sure he approves. I took a badly-needed Friday off, and spent that and the rest of the weekend up to my elbows in dye. I now have umpty-thousand yards of cotton, silk and rayon, in various weights and […]

Q & A!

Oh, wow! I actually have enough people with questions that I can do a Q & A session! Laura: I had been wondering what you’d do about dyeing once the sun heads south for the winter. Stove? The variegated and multicolored ones will go in the oven instead of the solar oven. I use the […]

Weekend of color

I spent my weekend in the dye studio doing sock yarn. Lots of sock yarn. Mostly variegated, but also one batch of self-striping. It was a three-day weekend here (there should be more three-day weekends in my life) so I had some extra time to play with string. I got eight skeins of yarn dyed […]


The front flowerbed is pink right now. Extremely pink. And in interesting shapes, even. This is not a color I normally associate with the end of August. Isn’t this supposed to be harvest season – golden sweetcorn picked this morning (straight from the Amish market), orange canteloupe (same source), red tomatoes still warm from the […]

Ikat sock yarn

Oh, look at this! There are alternating wide and narrow stripes of white, and a really neat variegated purple color. I really, really like this, can you tell? It will look very different when skeined, and I’m looking forward to that too. And when knitted? The garden is once again full of color. The lilies […]