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The Internet is weird

Okay, I realize that the title of this post is both a: not news; and b: a vast understatement. Really, weird is the wrong word. Circuitous, synergistic, voyeuristic, participatory… I was reminded of the existence of a band I used to like, The Flash Girls, by a blog post a while ago. In my quest […]

Spring puppies

It’s spring outside my office. Even inside my office it isn’t so bad, now that I can have the window open most of the time. There are some advantages to being in a seventy-year-old building – the windows actually open. It’s a good year for anemones. They’ve spread into the lawn too. I’m very fond […]

Morgan thinks spring

Morgan declared it spring in his world. And of course, the cat is always right, no? During the summer, he spends quite a bit of time in our enclosed courtyard, as close to the outside world as Morgan ever gets. Sunday, after most of the snow melted, he told us that it was spring and […]

Fierce and Independent

Our house has carpet in the bedroom and the living room, but a wood floor in the hallway connecting the two. I was eating breakfast this morning, and pitiful whining came from the hallway. The dog is on a diet, so he’s very eager to get his breakfast as soon as I get up. The […]

Yesterday’s news

[I mean the title literally – I took these photos yesterday, but didn’t have time to post them, as work is suffering extreme chaos right now. So pretend it isn’t sunny and warm (well, right around freezing, which is at least warmer), and instead, think of yesterday in central Pennsylvania.] I miss my dye studio. […]

A brief interlude

Getting caught up… the umpteenth load of laundry is in the dryer, the next load of dishes will go into the washer next time I get up, the bookkeeping is done, as a head-start on year-end (hi mom!), the living room is picked up, and I’ve got a couple batches of wool simmering on the […]

Ferocious monster

Sunday afternoon I was skeining sock yarn (I so need an electric skeiner!!!!) and reading Spin-Off (the last issue, as recommended by Laura) (skeining is dreadfully dull, and requires little attention, so I can read while doing it. Even books with no pictures, not just magazines.) (Did I mention that I need an electric skeiner??) […]

Fall colors…

…in my dyepot, along with some rarely seen in nature. All properly supervised, of course. I’m not sure he approves. I took a badly-needed Friday off, and spent that and the rest of the weekend up to my elbows in dye. I now have umpty-thousand yards of cotton, silk and rayon, in various weights and […]

Weekend of color

I spent my weekend in the dye studio doing sock yarn. Lots of sock yarn. Mostly variegated, but also one batch of self-striping. It was a three-day weekend here (there should be more three-day weekends in my life) so I had some extra time to play with string. I got eight skeins of yarn dyed […]

50 books

My local public library is having a celebration of their 50th birthday with a year’s worth of activities. They’ve started a new one for adults: if you read 50 books by sometime in December, you’ll get a free library book bag. I looked at that and laughed – the contest starts now, but you can’t […]